Investment Management

Understanding your temperament, appetite for risk, and the values you hold dear is critical for building an investment strategy.

Decades of experience have prepared me to look closely at investments from the ground up and match financial tools to my client’s needs.

“Fear, greed and hope have destroyed more portfolio value than any recession or depression…”
–James O’Shaughnessy



Experience has shown me that the most solid financial plans are put into place by clients who understand the fundamentals of what we are doing, the types of securities and accounts available, and how these apply to their situation. Portfolio construction will always take into consideration your risk temperament (i.e. your emotional risk tolerance) to ensure we create a portfolio that not only achieves goals, but also will let you sleep well at night. I create a personal investment policy tailored to your needs to lay out the day-to-day management of your accounts in clear language.  We work together to refine it into a solid plan, but you are the decision-maker on investment strategy. It is my job to make sure your decisions are fully informed. Then, it is my job to manage your investments within those strategic guidelines.
“The challenge of successfully managing an investment portfolio goes beyond making a series of good individual investment decisions”
–Seth Klarman


Structural changes in the financial markets and global economy are as certain as taxes and death. I actively engage in a flexible approach to investing, not a fixed, “buy-and-hold” strategy. This doesn’t mean that your account will be in a constant state of flux, but rather a balance of watchful waiting and strategic selling when appropriate and necessary.  Occasionally unexpected life changes or major changes within an industry or a sector may prompt a more significant reallocation. All decisions are made within the framework of a specific investment’s quality, its role (purpose and time frame) in the portfolio, tax consequences, and the specific guidelines setup in your investment policy. You may impose restrictions on investing in individual securities, types of securities or industry sectors. We bring a holistic approach to our services, balancing your various types of accounts, always with an eye on your present and future goals set forth in your financial plan.

There are myriad security choices today. The type of securities are important, buying bonds is the same as being a lender while buying stocks or real estate is participating in ownership. Once the allocation of asset type is made, the choices of vehicle types present more opportunity (or challenge). Pooled securities such as mutual funds and ETFs (exchange-traded funds) offer certain advantages; individual securities offer different advantages. Tax planning for which investments to place in retirement accounts, tax free accounts or taxable accounts can significantly impact your final investment and cash flow outcome. I bring expertise to investing gained through education, continued learning within the CFP certification as well as depth and breadth of experience.

Custodian and Clearing Firm

All client accounts are custodied at Schwab Advisor Services, a subsidiary of Charles Schwab & Company that works exclusively with investment advisors. We have used Schwab since 1994 because they provide our clients with the best package of financial services available. Schwab Advisor Services supports over 6,000 independent investment advisors, with over $600 billion in custodied assets. Schwab holds your investments, provides us with trading mechanisms, and gives you online access to all of your accounts.

Schwab cares about your safety; they have strict anti-fraud controls in place to protect you. No institutional client (i.e. advisors such as The Hedrick Co.) has access to Schwab’s internal processes, including statement preparation. Therefore, you will receive statements and confirmations from Schwab and performance reports from The Hedrick Co. As clients of an investment advisor, nobody can opt you out of receiving communications directly from Schwab. You may choose to receive them electronically or by U.S. Postal Service.